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Trainings & conferences

Location of Weranda Home and its original interiors make it an ideal place for organizing family events. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by wild nature, in the immediate vicinity of two lakes, each party will acquire unique andmagical character.

We will be happy to organize a First Communion, Holy Baptism party, birthday party or hen or stag party. We also prepare each event from the decorative side to give it an original and unique look, and the service is seasoned with kindness and a pinch of humor.

Weranda Home - your home place for recreation

The organization of events in Puszcza Zielonka is the best idea for an attractive evening or a business meeting. The unique interior design of the rooms makes each event unique. Service at the highest level always meets the expectations of guests, and the food will delight even the most demanding gourmets. The unforgettable taste of the dishes makes many participants of the events organized in Sławica often return to our hotel. This is also facilitated by cozy rooms where you can quickly acclimatize and enjoy your stay in the Veranda Home.

Puszcza Zielonka - integration events at the highest level

If guests are interested in integration events in Greater Poland, Puszcza Zielonka and the Weranda Home residence located there is the best proposition for anyone who expects the highest level of service, the tastiest dishes and a cozy atmosphere conducive to common celebration and integration. The room, maintained in a style that combines classic with modern design, will perfectly match the nature of any event. We care about the aesthetics of the interior, thanks to which guests can feel at ease, and at the same time corporate events in the Zielonka Forest become unforgettable.

An atmospheric place in the middle of the Landscape Park

In Weranda Home, you can organize events. The Zielonka Forest is a perfect place where we can rest and gain vitality - especially since the fresh air is conducive to our health. The events taking place in our residence are unforgettable, mainly because the atmosphere of this place is created by a unique interior and cultural service that ensures a friendly and cozy atmosphere. When organizing a conference, you should remember about choosing the right place. First of all, the room in which the meeting is to take place should have appropriate acoustics and soundproofing, thanks to which we will avoid unnecessary jammers - noise, city bustle. We have an excellent offer for you - conferences in the vicinity of Poznań - Sławica is located in the center of the Zielonka Forest, a picturesque Landscape Park famous for its lush greenery and animals that live there. It's a great place to devote yourself to meditation and focus on work. Conference facilities in the vicinity of Poznań are located in the Weranda Home residence. It is not only a hotel, but also a space where you can organize training for your employees.

Training in an attractive location

Weranda Home offers conference rooms in Wielkopolska. The convenient location of the facility makes the access easier, and at the same time the participants can count on silence and conditions in which they can concentrate. Training in Wielkopolska does not have to take place only in Poznań. Its surroundings are conducive to the organization of various types of meetings, so take the opportunity. The conference center in Puszcza Zielonka is a place where we will not only focus on work, but after finishing it, we will also relax in the bosom of nature. The beautiful greenery surrounding Veranda Home allows everyone to relax and regain strength.

Meeting of employees at Weranda Home

Organizing a conference in Puszcza Zielonka is the best offer for any entrepreneur looking for a convenient place. The spacious room is suitable for hosting many people, therefore it is possible to prepare a large meeting for all employees. The conference rooms in Puszcza Zielonka have good acoustics, thanks to which the sound perfectly carries around the room and is heard even in the farthest corners. Weranda Home is accommodation and room rental for a training center in Puszcza Zielonka. The spacious room is also conducive to the organization of other events, such as weddings and communions.


The location of Weranda Home in the heart of the Zielonka Forest Landscape Park, in the immediate vicinity of a forest and two lakes, creates ideal conditions for organizing integration meetings with outdoor activities. We have boats, bicycles and Nordic walking poles. In addition, depending on the client's needs, we are able to organize field games and workshop activities with elements of team building, and the day can be crowned with an evening by the fire.

Cooking classes

Enthusiasts can improve their culinary skills under the guidance of the Chef of Weranda Home. In our modern and spacious kitchen, we can conduct culinary workshops for a group of min. 5 people, which can also take the form of an integration meeting or industry event. During the thematic workshops participants will learn about different techniques of making dishes, rules for creating original flavor compositions and combining ingredients. The meeting will end with a tasting of prepared dishes in the form of supper.

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