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Check-in 03 Oct 2023
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Finnish sauna Let your body breathe

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We offer a unique relaxation and health procedure in a Finnish sauna located in Weranda Home, between trees, right on the Książe Lake. This location allows you to rest close to nature and gives you the opportunity to cool down your body, not only in the shower, but also in the cold waters of the lake. The alternating effect of heat and cold has a very positive effect on the body skin, improving immunity.

High temperature and low air humidity, which can be experienced in a sauna, help maintain healthy skin and good heart condition.

Heat relieves tension, improves mood, relieves fatigue, so this procedure can help people who suffer from depression or just feel in a bad mood.

We sincerely invite you - close your eyes, relax and let your body breathe.

For comfort and convenience, we provide towels, bathrobes and special footwear to people using the sauna.

Please note that a visit to the sauna requires advance booking.

Price list:

  • The price of accommodation for Weranda Home guests includes the cost of a stay in the sauna.

  • For people from outside, a prior reservation and a PLN 100 fee are required.

  • Sauna for the exclusive use of a group - PLN 100 per person.

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